KL's use of FHIR


Kommunernes Landsforening (KL), translated as the Danish Local Government Association, is an influential organization in Denmark that represents and advocates for the interests of the country's municipalities. Founded in 1891, KL serves as a platform for collaboration, dialogue, and collective decision-making among local governments. With its primary goal of promoting local democracy, KL works closely with the government, parliamentary members, and other relevant stakeholders to shape legislation and policies that affect municipalities. The association's core values revolve around ensuring strong, efficient, and citizen-centric governance at the local level. KL facilitates knowledge sharing and best practices among municipalities, fostering cooperation and innovation in areas such as public administration, finance, infrastructure, and social services. It provides a forum for municipal leaders and officials to exchange experiences, discuss common challenges, and collectively find solutions. Furthermore, KL plays a crucial role in negotiating labor agreements on behalf of municipalities, striving to ensure fair and sustainable working conditions for public employees across the country. As a driving force for local government development, Kommunernes Landsforening serves as a unifying entity that empowers municipalities to collectively address common issues, contribute to national policy-making, and deliver quality services to Danish citizens.

About HL7

Health Level Seven International, http://www.hl7.org/, is an international not-for-profit, accredited standards developing organization serving the healthcare industry with a focus on clinical and administrative data. HL7 International has more than 2000 members from approximately 500 companies in over 50 countries, which together represent more than 90 % of the information systems, which serve health organizations worldwide. The members represent healthcare providers, government stakeholders, consumers, pharmaceutical companies, vendors/suppliers, and consulting firms.

See the latest versions of the various KL FHIR Implementation Guides below

KL Term KL Term Implementation Guide
KL FKI KL Common information model
KL Gateway KL Gateway
KL FKI (current KL Common information model) - to be superseeded by KL Common information model KL Common information model
KL Gateway (current KL Gateway) - to be superseeded by KL Gateway KL Gateway
KL Gateway outbound KL Gateway outbound
KL FFB Messaging KL FFB Messaging
KL FFB Reporting KL FFB Reporting
KL Rehab KL Rehabilitation
KL Prevention KL Prevention
KL Children KL Children